What Does Crossroads Offer

Counseling and support groups are available for those struggling with a variety of sexual brokenness. Services are designed to help directly those desiring to be free and to live according to God’s design. Relational and sexual wholeness can be found only through Jesus Christ.


One-to-one counseling is provided by an experienced, spiritually committed, licensed counselor.

Support Groups

Loving Couple Support groups provide an opportunity to discuss one's feelings with others struggling with sexual brokenness. Such commonality enlarges the understanding of one’s issues, and strengthens the will to change. In such a setting, situations such as the following may be addressed:

  • The man facing persistent lustful thoughts, pornography, and other sexual temptations.
  • Men and women plagued by relational sexual brokenness, sexual addictions, homosexuality, codependency, or abuse.
  • Spousal support for those whose marital partners may be dealing with sexual immorality of any kind.
  • Family support for parents or other relatives dealing with sexual brokenness.
  • Marital assistance on the relationship renewal and enrichment for couples affected by sexual addiction or immorality.

The first step in this process for you to contact Crossroads. Please contact us learn more about our support groups and counseling activities.